Top tips to get children involved with fundraising


Child-led or child-initiated fundraising can be very successful as communities tend to respond very positively to these activities and are generous in donating to children who show initiative and philanthropy in their efforts.  

Here are some top tips to ensure that your children’s fundraising efforts are a success:

  1. Discuss and encourage their ideas with them and identify how you could support them to achieve their goals.  
  2. Help them decide if there is one large event or a series of smaller projects that they would like to do. 
  3. Set realistic targets for the amount they want to raise.  
  4. Encourage them to design posters and use their own words to explain what they are doing and why. 
  5. Share their efforts with friends and family, let the school know what they are doing – they can be a great source of support.  
  6. If you are comfortable about promoting the efforts across social media and setting up an online giving page, this can be a great way to raise the profile of the events. 
  7. Let the charity know your plans and keep them updated.  
  8. Congratulate your child for successfully achieving their challenge or challenges. 
  9. Thank people for supporting your child, encourage your child to make a thank you poster after the event.  

Fundraising ideas for children:

  1. Sponsored litter picks at local parks or beaches are a great way to raise money and have a positive impact on the environment and community. Get the whole family involved! Younger children should always be supervised, and appropriate equipment used.  
  2. Sponsored cake sales.  
  3. Sponsored reading challenges. 
  4. A sponsored walk. 
  5. Ask the school if you can have a non-uniform day at school for the charity. 
  6. Having a clear out and table at a car boot sale can be a great way to de-clutter and raise money.  
  7. Sponsored housework activities – this could be adapted to the age of the child. 
  8. Sponsored car washing. 
  9. A sponsored silence. 
  10. If your child is involved with any sports groups or clubs, you could help them arrange a charity match, sponsored dance event or sponsored swim relay.  

The list is as long as your child’s imagination!  

Getting your children involved with fundraising can bring many rewards. It can build confidence and give children a sense of purpose, especially if they have been through a difficult time. It builds empathy and allows children to experience the happiness that helping others can bring. 

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