Oakleaf Children’s & Young Person’s Services


Oakleaf is a dedicated bereavement service for children and young people up to the age of 25 who are affected by bereavement, loss and separation in their life.

When a family suffers a bereavement it can be extremely challenging for both the young person and the family. Oakleaf is able to offer young people a safe environment to have the time to understand why they feel as they do, and how loss can impact on their behaviours and emotions. We can also support the family throughout the grieving process.

If your child is experiencing loss which can include the loss of a person in traumatic circumstances such as suicide or murder our team of experienced counsellors can help them explore this difficult event.


Bereavement is difficult for us all and for young people the process of grief can feel overwhelming. Sometimes it is difficult to find the words to help children come to terms with their grief.

At Oakleaf we provide counselling and interventions for children and young people who have suffered life changing circumstances and give them the space to express their grief in their own way.

All young people and their families who have or are currently experiencing loss, trauma or change in life circumstances can benefit from Oakleaf Service. We recognise how the impact of loss and separation can influence a young person’s behaviours and emotional wellbeing. Through our interventions young people are given the opportunity to fully explore coping strategies.


Our experienced and fully qualified counsellors will use a variety of interventions that are best suited to each individual. Interventions include expressive art therapies, play therapy or active listening. We believe that young people can grow and gain resilience through choosing how best to express their feelings. Wherever possible parents or carers are encouraged to participate in some of the activities. This can help to build a talking relationship so family and carers can explore their grief together.


The session locations are agreed following initial contact with the counsellor. The sessions can take place both in the young persons’ school or at the Oakleaf Centre. In the school setting, sessions can be arranged both during and after school hours and will be arranged by our counsellors. During school holidays young people will be offered an appointment in the Liverpool therapy room.


The session times are agreed following initial contact with the counsellor. Each counselling session on a one-to-one basis, or family session, lasts 50 minutes and takes place once a week over a six to eight week period of time. Initially our counsellor will make contact with the school. We encourage family members to attend the first counselling session whenever possible.


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