Liverpool Bereavement Service has been supporting people experiencing bereavement and loss since 1998. We are a dedicated bereavement service for children and adults across the Merseyside City Region.

We are an inclusive service working with people of all ages, children and their families.


Everyone experiences loss and bereavement at some stage in their lives. This can be a harrowing and life affecting time. Often people feel that there is no one to turn to and find it hard, sometimes impossible to cope with grief. Counselling can help you on your recovery and towards coming to terms with your loss.

Your counsellor will provide the appropriate therapy, at you own pace to help you find your own way towards acceptance and feeling able to cope.

Please contact us if you would like help and support in coping with the challenges you face following a bereavement.

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Following the lifting of COVID restrictions we are, unfortunately, suffering from longer waiting lists. Whilst we do not offer private counselling as an organisation, we do get asked to signpost people to counsellors offering their services privately.

Some of our volunteer counsellors also offer private counselling. The volunteers who are seen privately all make a donation to Liverpool Bereavement Service from their fees and this helps to ensure that we can offer counselling to those who are not in a position to make a donation.

Private Counsellors

The sessions were invaluable

Thank you for helping me, the sessions were all invaluable, as it the service you offer. The safe environment and being able to talk to someone freely, without judgement, has been what I needed to help find myself. The Liverpool Bereavement Service is second to none and everyone that works there is so special and much appreciated. With much love and respect to you all and a big thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I now know better days will come

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Sue for all the support you have given me over my time with you. You have been such a safe place for me come each week and I feel it has helped me massively being able to talk, laugh and cry for that hour with you. Thanks to you, I now know losing my amazing dad is never something I will get over, and nor would I want to. But better days will come.

Thank you for your understanding

Thank you very much Sue for all your support right from the beginning when I contacted you by telephone. You have been so understanding with regards to my health situation, which eased my anxiety until I was able to attend counselling.

Thank you for your kind words and compassion

To all the staff at Liverpool Bereavement Service, a big thank you for all of your kind words, compassion, and for taking the time to listen and for the care you give to people who use your valuable service. A special thank you to Lynn for your hard work listening to the silence, I think I will be forever a woman of few words. Best wishes to everyone.

I was lost in grief

Words cannot express my gratitude for you & everything you do for bereaved people. I was 'lost in grief', and then I found you! Your efforts to make time for your wonderful counsellors to see me helped me find my way again. I feel blessed to have met you. For people struggling with grief you are a beacon of light in the dark. Thank you for everything you have done and long may you continue the excellent work you do to change the lives of people like me.


"Thank you so much for helping me through the most difficult time of my life. You helped me gain the strength to keep going when I was lost. In loving memory of my mum."

Lisa's Story

"Thank you so much for helping me through a very difficult time. We are so grateful, the service you provide is invaluable."

Suzanne's Story

"Thanks for your kindness in supporting us after we lost Dad (Tommy) and my sister-in-law (Shirley). Linda and Sue Johnson are such kind souls. Keep up the good work."


"I found Carol to be kind, compassionate, empathetic, knowledgeable and helped me to make sense of the way I was feeling by giving me time to work through how I was feeling and why. She also provided much needed reassurance that everything I was feeling was quite normal and helped me to reflect on the happy memories I have".


"I would like to say thank you to all of the team at Liverpool Bereavement Service, including all in the office. Thank you so much for the last few weeks and for guiding me through and reminding me there is light when all seemed lost and helping me reconnect with my inner strength."


"I cannot thank LBS for the support and and help I have received since the loss of my soulmate. I thought I could not live without him. But I am so much more equipped to carry on and live. Thank you."

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