The Chester Zoo 10k & Home Charity Run

How it started…

Rob Stones and Sean Murphy have decided to take on the challenge of not only running the Chester Zoo 10k run but also then running all the way back to Crosby! Very kindly they are running on behalf of Liverpool Bereavement Service and we are so thrilled and grateful to them both. They will be running on 31st October and the training has already started. We will be keeping up to date with their progress and will post about them to let you know how they are getting along. The total they have raised to date is nearly £500 and they have set themselves the target of a massive £2000! Every penny raised will directly help someone who is suffering a loss or bereavement and will make a huge difference in their lives.

The idea began…

“Me and Sean have been good mates for a long time now and have been running together for around a year and a half or so. This is something we both enjoy and continue to challenge ourselves with recently completing the 4-4-48 challenge set by David Goggins a couple months back.

We were asked to participate in the Chester Zoo 10K by one of our mates Dan who is also a keen runner to which we agreed to. This then snowballed into me and Sean running home from Chester Zoo via the Runcorn Bridge. At first this was just set for a challenge but we decided “Why not do it for charity and something important,” this then led us to choosing a charity to run for.”

Why choose LBS?

“Over the past 12/18 months we have both seen very close friends and family lose loved ones. This has then seen changes in these people and  had a substantial affect on their personalities and their mental health. This was a hard time not only them but us as their friends to see. This is the reason we have decided to support LBS!

LBS are an amazing charity based in Liverpool who offer counselling sessions for those who have lost loved ones and who may not be fortunate enough to turn to a friend or family member for help, or who maybe unsure of what to do or how to feel through those hard times. They are run purely on donations (this blew my mind!) and even if a donation is unable to be made they will never turn a person away who is in need of help and guidance which is truly inspiring.”

Follow our story

Our training and runs will be broadcast on my Instagram page (@Rbstones) please feel free to follow me and support! If you would like to donate then please visit our Just Giving page here


We are delighted that Rob & Sean have chosen us as their charity and are amazed at the distance they are going to run! Fundraising really is the lifeblood of Liverpool Bereavement Service and we can’t say thank you enough times to the people who take the time to raise money for us. Every pound donated really does help a person who is suffering the loss of a loved one to move through their grief and forward with their lives. Thanks again Rob & Sean!

If you would like to support us through fundraising, it doesn’t have to be running! We have ideas for ways to help on our site, if you do organise or take part in any fundraising please do get in touch, we’d love to share your story.

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