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Nearly everyone will experience grief at some point in their life and this process can be difficult and stressful. If you are experiencing grief then it is likely you are experiencing many different emotions, thoughts, feelings and physical reactions. Grief can take time to process your emotions and adjusting to the change in your life.

There are stages of bereavement and you might experience all of them, some or even none. Everyone copes differently in these situations. Some people experience shock when coming to terms with the change in your life. Some people cry in company some people cry alone. Some people seem to cope, some people don’t. There may be barriers in your grieving process and this can make grief more difficult to process.

Grief can be harder depending on the circumstances, your life experiences and your relationship with the person. Having support from friends and family can be really helpful and they might be able to support you getting a more structured lifestyle as this might help you cope.


When you experience grief you might realise your motivation to do things, even things you enjoy decreases. You might decrease doing activities you previously enjoyed or even stop them.

By using a diary to plan your weeks this can plan you doing things you want to do and lift your mood. Returning to a routine can give structure and meaning back into your life. When completing the diary complete things you have to do like cooking, cleaning, walking the dog. Then you will know what time is left for activities you want to introduce of re-introduce into your life like coffee with friends. Remember to pace yourself and make sure there is time for you to relax.

Social contact and seeing friends and family may make you feel less alone, even though you may not feel it at times. Good relationships with friends and family can be a really good way to help you cope and move through grief. It can be helpful to talk through your situation with friends and family. They might have been through similar situations and have advice.


Exercise can improve your mood, your health and your wellbeing to tackle difficult situations. Exercise can even help you sleep. You don’t need to push yourself too hard to enjoy the wellbeing of a walk.

Try to plan sleep and relaxation into your day. You may have difficulty sleeping since the bereavement and by planning sleep may help you maintain a regular sleep pattern.

Grief is complex and different for everyone and there is no indicator to how your grief will manifest. As painful as it is, it is important to grieve properly to be able to overcome the pain.


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