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Liverpool Bereavement Services provide 1:1 counselling for people who are struggling to cope with a loss.

How we support you coping with grief.

Grief is a natural response following the loss of someone significant in your life. It may be a spouse, relative, friend or colleague or anyone else whose loss is difficult to bear.

Grief can be complex and overwhelming emotional experience and bring feelings of helplessness and hopelessness. Sharing your feelings and thoughts with a sensitive, focused and supportive counsellor is likely to be a healing process.

Your counsellor will understand that grief is a highly personal experience and provide the time, space and therapeutic support specific to you needs.

Our counsellors.

Our counsellors are experienced, trained, vetted therapists who will work with you in a way which is non judgemental, accepting of you and your situation unconditionally and respectful.

Liverpool Bereavement Service will provide a safe environment in which to explore your feelings, fears and hopes the aim being to help you cope with your loss and your life in the future. Our counsellors are members of a professional body and work within a clear and comprehensive ethical code.

Counselling takes places in a comfortable, private room on a one to one basis. Each session lasts 1 hour. Initially your sessions will be for 6 consecutive weeks at which time your wishes regarding further sessions will be reviewed by our counselling manager. If it is thought that you would benefit from additional sessions these will be arranged and reviewed as necessary.

If you need support after someone has died, sessions take place each week for 1 hour at our Liverpool counselling rooms.  Your counselling will be reviewed at week 6 to assess your ongoing needs.


We aim to ensure that our support is available to all who need it. We are a charity and donation are an important aspect of our ability to fund the service.

We do seek donations from our service users which will be explained to you at your initial assessment. However, nobody will be denied our support due to being unable to make a donation.

Please check our fundraising page for more information.


To talk to someone about our service with a view to make a referral please telephone us on: 0151 475 9001 or 07928 890967. Out of office hours there is a messaging facility and we will endeavour to respond to you on the next working day.  

The service can be accessed by individuals on a self-referral basis or through a GP, Social Worker or Support Worker.

Complicated Grief

Grieving often involved coping with situation that are complicated due to factors attaching to the loss’.

These can range from:

– Suicide and homicide.
– The loss of a child.
– Unexpected or sudden deaths.
– Accidental or unexplained deaths.
– Miscarriage or still births.
– Being bereaved as a child.
– Being a long term carer.

Our counsellors are able to support you in all the above circumstances and many more specific to your loss.

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Covid-19 Announcement 

Following the Government announcement on 23 March 2020, the Liverpool Bereavement Service will be suspending its face to face client appointments. This applies to both our adult and Oakleaf children services. We’ve been in touch with our existing clients who can contact us if they need telephone support while the office remains closed. We also remain available by phone and e-mail for anyone who feels they will benefit from bereavement counselling when we do resume normal services.

While we are closed, we will no longer be receiving client donations. This means that one valuable source of our funding is no longer available. Yet we will still have costs to cover while the service is closed. Now more than ever we welcome donations. We remain committed to providing professional, affordable and free counselling services for those struggling with grief. We thank all of our dedicated counsellors who are continuing to support clients during this difficult time and all our counsellors who will be ready to offer quality counselling service when we re-open. 

Stay safe.