Phone & Zoom

Telephone & Zoom Counselling

During lockdown we offered a telephone & Zoom counselling service to all of our clients to ensure that were supported through a particularly difficult when they may not have had the support of the family and friends. This service proved to be very valuable and we have made the decision to continue to offer this service to those people who want to access counselling and support in this way.

These telephone & Zoom sessions mean that you are still receiving quality support from our experienced, qualified counsellors to help you process your loss. Having this system in place means that should anything happen in the future, and we have to pause our face-to-face counselling, we have a tried and tested system to bridge the gap and reach people in need. It also allows to continue to reach people who prefer to be counselled this way.

Inclusive Help

There may be many reasons why people cannot access face-to-face counselling, they could have care commitments at home, a shift pattern that means they cannot physically get there, transport or mobility issues – the list could go on! By offering telephone & Zoom counselling we are making our services available to people we were not reaching through a solely face-to-face model.

This makes our service much more inclusive to those who need help but had barriers in the way of accessing it. If you feel like telephone or Zoom counselling would be helpful to you, please do get in touch, we would be happy to talk you through the process.

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