You might be anxious about talking to a counsellor for the first time. At Liverpool Bereavement Service we understand this and all counsellors are trained to listen to you. We are not here to give advice or pass judgement.

All counsellors and volunteers follow the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) ethical framework. Respecting your privacy and confidentiality are basic requirements within our code of practice.

All counsellors receive regular supervision so we can ensure good practice and high standards in counselling. Counselling is an opportunity to talk about your worries, concerns and anxieties in a confidential setting with someone who is trained to listen to you and explore your situation. It is up to you what you will talk about.


We will protect your confidentiality and privacy by:

  • Protecting your information and keeping it for the designated time period only
  • Informing you how we use your personal data and information
  • Informing you about any limitations of privacy or confidentiality during initial assessment
  • Ensuring that disclosure of personally identifiable information is given with your consent or if there is a legally and ethically
    recognised reason

It is our duty to make exceptions to confidentiality rules and inform the relevant authorities arise in the following circumstances: That you intend to harm yourself or another person; There are concerns regarding the safety of a child; Any intention to commit, or knowledge of, any act of terrorism; Any knowledge or concerns of, money laundering.

To speak to someone at Liverpool Bereavement or to make a referral call 0151 236 3932.


We aim to ensure that our support is available to all who need it. We are a charity and donations are an important aspect of our ability to fund the service. We do seek donations from our service users which will be explained to you at your initial assessment. However, nobody will be denied our support due to being unable to make a donation.


To talk to someone about our service with a view to make a referral please telephone us on 0151 236 3932. Out of office hours there is a messaging facility and we will endeavour to respond to you on the next working day. The service can be accessed by individuals on a self-referral basis or through a GP, Social Worker or Support Worker.

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